Is it safe to handle a Texas snake with bare hands?

In general no. But of course if the Austin snake is non-venomous, and if you wear thick gloves, you should be fine. But a venomous snake - only an expert should handle with bare hands, and even they get bitten sometimes!

Snakes without any doubt are dangerous animals, but the fact also remains static that majority of snakes are not poisonous however it is not easy for a lay man to differentiate between poisonous and nonpoisonous snake. Nobody wants to face this reptile ever in his or her life, but you never know when circumstances will force you to come face to face with these reptiles. In all cases one needs to avoid hitting snakes with broom or sticks because this can cause serious type of damage.

Right strategy is always to call experts for capturing snakes because this is not a task for novice users, but still one has to be very much careful because a little negligence can cause serious trouble. Now the big question is that is it safe to handle an Austin snake with bare hands? The proper answer in all conditions is No, because even experts can have difficult time in capturing the animal with bare hands because the level of risk increases.

There are some proper tools and equipments, which have been designed by the experts for capturing Texas snakes and these are used extensively so it is better that you should also prefer to use proper tools and defined protocol for capturing the animal.

Points to remember:

  • Snakes are living beings you simply can’t catch them for fun or enjoyment it will, not only increase the level of associated risks, but also the animal will be subjected to stress and this is never a good thing to do.
  • You should never aim to capture larger snakes right from the start. It is better to practice with wrist movements as well as other techniques upon rubber snake this will help you in getting a decent grip over the concept. If snake is present on the floor it is better to put an object like blankets upon it. This will be helpful because snake will not panic also your job is to prevent the animal from escaping from blanket and for this it is a better idea to place heavy things around edges. In case you find snake inside the garden, then it is best to stay away from the reptile and never try to kill it abruptly. Many cases have been reported where people get bitten by snake while trying to kill it with broom or stick. Spray water upon it from a safer distance with the help of hose this will drive the animal away from you.
  • In the end it is important to mention that Texas snakes normally come to a place because of specific reasons. There may be something in your property that is attracting snake so it is better to find the main cause of trouble as soon as possible.