Do Possums dig holes or burrow?

Opossums are known to burrow the ground, especially with their well-defined feet. Their habitats are diverse but mostly they prefer to burrow in arid or moist regions, as well as wooden or open fields. Possums may prefer to burrow close to streams and swamps; they can also have a temporary shelter where other animals have burrowed. The animals can burrow into brush piles, tree cavities, and sometimes in attics and garages. Possums prefer to live alone, and they burrow individually rather than in groups- they are mostly active at night and you may wake up in the morning to discover burrows in your yard.

Once they burrow, Possums will generally fill their new dens with hollow stumps, trees, wood piles, and rock materials and the reason being that they do not provide as much natural insulation they deserve. Their furs don’t provide much insulation; therefore they pile up soft materials in their burrowed dens to create some temporary insulation, especially for their young ones. They normally use their coiled tails to carry insulation materials to their burrowed ground, and in order to avoid common predators, Possums often move from one burrowed den to another.

Possums will normally carry their young ones on their back, regardless of their numbers. They can support their young ones on their back even when they rest and sleep on tree branches. It is believed that Possums are immune to rabies, as a matter of fact, they are more than 6 times less likely to carry rabies in their body, when compared to wild dogs, and this is the reason why they are not often attacked by other animals such as dogs, and raccoons. It is also believed that Possums do possess strong super powers that give them immunity against snakes, and that is why they comfortably burrow their nests everywhere, including areas where snakes are prominent.

Possums do not only have a remarkable talent of digging up holes, to create dens, they also have an incredible talent of searching for food and still remember where they kept their stored foods. They are omnivores, thus they consume eggs, birds, rodents, plants, grains, fruits and some vegetables. They also consume animals such as snails and beetles, thus their diet is always rich proteins. Possums can burrow for more than 4 feet deep, and they can spend several nights to complete burrowing and transferring materials into their nests.