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How to Get Rid of Texas Coyotes

We have come to learn that Texas coyotes are very dangerous animals when it comes to small animals and pets like cats and small dogs. They also attack livestock, chicken and fish. They are not choosy eaters and this makes them more dangerous to expose your farm animals to. There is a common assumption that coyotes only feed on flesh (meat). This is wrong. They are omnivorous which means that also feed on vegetables. They might pose a threat if you have blossoming vegetable growing in your farm. Their nature of hunting in packs makes them more destructive because when a significant amount of coyotes approach and enter your farm or barn, they just might kill all the animals. They specifically like attacking small livestock who do not have energy to run for a long distance. Livestock are normally considered as animals that do not retaliate once captured by a predator.

These qualities make the coyote a very dangerous animal and create the need for them to be removed. People therefore need to get rid of them. The question is how? How do you get rid of coyotes that eat your vegetables, pets and livestock? Let us discuss this.

One of the ways in which you can get rid of an Austin coyote without the need of harming it is removing the sources of food it looks for. This you can accomplish very easily. You should avoid feeding your pets outside. Keep the food inside the house all the time so that the coyote won’t have anything to feed on or steal at night. Also secure your garbage cans in a place that is designed exclusively for your garbage..

You can also build a good strong fence around your garden to prevent the coyote from coming inside your yard. Preferably, use a metal fence because they can withstand the efforts of the coyote trying to destroy it in order to get in.

The other way to get rid of coyotes is by trapping them using special traps made to traps animals such as coyotes, foxes and jackals. These traps either grip the legs of the coyote and some of the traps are really lethal. They might kill the coyote, which is adequately getting rid of it.

Significantly reducing the population of rodents in your areas or house is another method of getting rid of coyotes. Texas rodents such as mice and rats usually like settling in dirty places so the best thing to do is keeping your house and your yard clean. Since Texas coyotes feed on these rodents, they will not find any around your area therefore eliminating them from your porch.

Also, keep a maintained yard. The grass should be short and avoid having bushes so that the Austin coyote will lack hiding spots when you’re chasing it away.