How to get bats out of the walls

Sometimes the Austin bats can penetrate inside your walls through the attic in search for food or when it’s too cold or too hot and you will have a problem to get them out. The temperature in the interior walls is much stable and the bats can roost there. It is not easy to get them out of the walls and not hurt them. We will explain to you how to get rid of them and prevent them from entering your house walls again.

First, you will need to check all the holes on the outside of your house. Even the smallest ones need the special attention because bats can crawl through the tiniest hole available. It is necessary to inspect the cracks under the roof and don’t forget about the chimneys and ventilation, these are the bats’ favorite entry points. The best moment to start with the repairing is when the bats are out looking for a food, during the night. Now, you should use wood, bricks, and cement as the best material that will keep the holes closed for good.

A few layers of fiberglass can be very helpful if you pushed them inside the walls, roofs and under the floor. If the Texas bats get to the direct exposure with fiberglass, they will be irritated and soon they’ll leave. Make sure that you don’t kill any bat inside the walls because the smell can be very nasty and hard to stand. To make them go away try with to open the windows during the day time, bats will feel the air movement and they will try to escape through the window.

Turn the lights off during the night in order to catch the Texas bats if they came out of walls. In the daytime, they can be disorientated, and that’s why is important to use the dark to scare them away. At the same time, keep your windows closed at night, to prevent more bats coming inside your house.

If you are struggled with all the tips we gave you here and you couldn’t solve your problem, then it is the best to call professionals to deal with the Austin bats. They certainly have the experience in removing them from houses, attics, walls, etc. It will be the more expensive solution than do it yourself or using useless repellents, but one thing is certain; when they finish the work, you will be saved and you can continue to live your life without nasty little flying mammals screeching and crawling all over your house.