Will a sound machine work against armadillos?

Most people believe that high pitch sound deterrent machines usually work against armadillos but the truth is that in most cases, they are ineffective. You have to know that there is no high pitched sound machines that will make armadillos leave your yard.

Why are they ineffective?
Armadillos are known to have the most sensitive and perfect sense of hearing, high pitched sounds will therefore not irritate their sense of hearing which makes it impossible to drive them away. In spite of this technique being ineffective, there are several high pitched machines in the market.

How can you effectively deter armadillos from getting into your property?

If there are no armadillos in your yard, you can prevent them from getting in by: • Getting rid or drastically reducing their sources of survival • Using preventative fences.

Getting rid of their food sources
They usually feed on small insects and invertebrates available underground; you can therefore get rid of these insects by frequently using insecticides. Moreover, if your land is bare and fertile, you can cover it up using grass and other materials to prevent the armadillos from having easy access to the bare ground.

Using exclusion fences
This will completely deter armadillos from getting into your property; exclusion fences are to be buried into the ground to prevent the armadillos from burrowing under them. The good news is that they are poor climbers therefore there is no need of erecting very tall exclusion fences. Tilting the exclusion fences at an angle also helps by preventing the animals from trying to crawl into your yard.

What can effectively work against armadillos?
There are methods that are very effective and work against armadillos easily and quickly:

• Trapping and removing the armadillos: It is easy to trap the armadillos provided that you fully understand the behavior of the armadillos and you have the correct tools to take care of the problem. Armadillos are usually active during the night, they have very poor eye sights but they have the best hearing senses. With this in mind, you will be able to use the most effective traps, located in the most appropriate positions and removed efficiently once the armadillos have been trapped.

• Types of traps: You can use any trap provided that they are large enough to trap the whole animal; you can therefore use the live cage traps, one door or the double door traps.

• Bait and placement of the traps: Armadillos feed on food that they have dug up themselves but you can use small invertebrates and insects as baits to lure the animal into the trap. The placement of the trap also matters in that you have to place them at the primary entry points or in case there are burrows, try and locate the main burrow.